BookTini is...

...a national social organization that brings women together each month to discuss good books over delicious cocktails.

Founded in Oakland, CA on October 25, 2009, BookTini Book Club has since expanded to 12 chapters in California, New York, D.C., Minnesota, Tennessee, and Virginia. Each month, more than 100 active BookTini members meet with their chapters for Drinks & Discussion.

Drinks & Discussion is simply ladies discussing a literary selection over a signature drink that pairs well with the book or with the season. We prioritize Black literary works and create a safe space for Black women to explore friendship, culture, humor, politics, religion, and everyday issues in a casual and fun environment over cocktails. We also select books by writers of other cultures and ethnic groups, read a wide range of genres, and welcome women of all backgrounds to join us.

We participate in literary and cocktail centered social events throughout the year, and give back to our communities through charitable contributions and annual service projects that promote literacy.

april is "movie/tv adaptation" Month!

We are reading a novel that has been adapted for the big or little screen. 

Check our Spring 2018 newsletter for details.

 We're reading   A Wrinkle in Time   by Madeleine L'Engle, and pairing it with  lemon and lime malts .

We're reading A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle, and pairing it with lemon and lime malts.