BookTini's September 2017 Cocktail: Fireball Pink Lemonade


Whip out your mason jars for this unexpected spicy combo while we discuss a suspenseful whodunit during our Mystery/Thriller/Sci-fi month in September.

Check out the recipe below to pair with Tiffany D. Jackson's debut novel, Allegedly.

Fireball Pink Lemonade recipe

4 servings


1 bottle of lemonade (24 oz)

1 cup Fireball cinnamon whisky

1-2 tbsp grenadine

2 cups ice

1 lemon, sliced


Pour lemonade, Fireball, and 1tbsp grenadine into a large pitcher. Stir and taste, adding grenadine until you reach the desired color and flavor you like.

Fill mason jars or other jars with ice. Pour in cocktail and garnish with a slice of lemonade. Add remaining lemon slices to lemonade pitcher. Chug it all down.