BookTini Takes On "Sula"

This book was hard to get into (typical for a Toni Morrison book) but the story is rich and everything has a deeper meaning."

- Capricia A. (SAC)

November's Classic Novel selection by Toni Morrison received a somewhat tepid reception in our recent reader's poll. A mere 48%rated it EXCEPTIONAL or GOOD read, while 24% felt it was just AVERAGE. A combined 28% rated it FAIR or WEAK.

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I didn't think I'd like this book because Ms. Morrison doesn't usually tickle my literary fancy, but I really enjoyed this story and it made for a great discussion - Tawanda A. (TWIN)

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received a C grade from the club: most who responded to the poll felt the take on friendship between Sula and Nel and the people of "The Bottom" held a solid storytelling technique, but they were not wowed by the novel. It was a cool story that kept their attention, and they might be open to reading more from Morrison in the future.

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No comments about our last signature drink of the season this month, but the ratings spoke for themselves: 70% of those who tried our Bourbon & Maple Cider cocktail either loved or liked it while, 25% thought it was "aight". That's pretty good for an autumn libation. CHEERS!