BookTini Takes On "The Hand That Feeds You"

I really, really, really wanted this book to be good. It started off great, but dragged on about irrelevant things... and it was clear very early on what was going to happen. - Danielle C. (OAKeb)

It ended too abruptly. I needed more answers.  - Tanyashia W.(OAKh)

September's Mystery/Suspense selection by A. J. Rich received a mostly fair and average reception in our recent reader's poll. 38%felt it was a FAIR read, while a close 33% said it was just AVERAGE . 20%thought it was a GOOD mystery, while 5% deemed it WEAK, and the remaining 2% thought it was EXCEPTIONAL.

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...intriguing, although I figured out the culprit pretty quickly. - Capricia A. (SAC)
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It kept me interested and raised some very interesting questions about how people become victims... - Jamala M.  (uOAK)

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The Hand That Feeds You 

received a C grade from the club: most who responded to the poll felt the mystery kept their attention but didn't wow them. They didn't love it but they didn't hate it either, and they might be open to reading more from A. J. Rich.

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Perfectly fit the weather. Refreshing... will definitely try it again. - Shante B.(SAC)

Our first fall signature drink of the season was the Cucumber Crush cocktail. From our poll, 46% of those who tried the drink thought it was just AIGHT, while 34% either LOVED or LIKED it.  The remaining 20% didn't enjoy it.

I don't like ginger much, but it was OK once I got over that. - Taleya H. (OAKeb)