BookTini's 2016 Reading Report Card

Each month, our members are asked to rate our Literary Selection of the month. Members choose from a scale that includes: A-Exceptional, B-Good, C-Average, D-Fair, and F-Weak. Our 2016 Reading Season is almost over, so we're sharing the average ratings for our national Literary Selections throughout the year (sorted highest to lowest).

Overall Club Rating: B-

80% of poll participants feltPerfect Peace by Daniel Black was either exceptional or good.

Theme: Any Novel

Read May 2016:"I appreciated the conversation this book started. It really made us look at the narrow and damaging definition of masculinity." - Cindy C., Sacramento Chapter

Overall Club Rating: B-

Nearly 66% of poll participants said Sold by Patricia McCormick was a good or exceptional read.

Theme: International Setting

Read April 2016:"...quick read. loved the stream of consciousness writing. We definitely had a spirited conversation regarding gender roles and submission and cultures."  - Aziza J., DC/DMV Chapter

Overall Club Rating: B-

It recieved 0.01 less points overall than Sold, which pushed it into 3rd place, but 72.5% of poll participants told us that Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes was either exceptional or good.

Theme: Inspirational (Womanhood Focus)

Read October 2016:"…a great, easy read. I’ve admired Shonda Rhimes for her work on TV, but knew very little about her as a person. It was funny, inspiring, and totally relevant to my life.- Tanefer C.Oakland/East Bay Chapter

Overall Club Rating: C+

50% of poll participants felt Fire Shut Up In My Bones by Charles M. Blow was either a good or exceptional read.

Theme: Black Excellence - Memoir, Biography, or Social Commentary

Read February 2016:"Great story about self discovery and inner-strength, one I would recommend to others." - Jamala M., Uptown Oakland Chapter

Overall Club Rating: C+

Though it was knocked into 5th place with .016 less points than Fire Shut Up In My Bones, more people (55.2%) felt Terry McMillan's latest novel, I Almost Forgot About You, was a good or exceptional read.

Theme: Recent Release

Read August 2016:"I really enjoyed the book. The characters were engaging and the story was relatable." - Josephine A., Oakland Hills Chapter

Overall Club Rating: C

48% of readers said Sula by Toni Morrison was an exceptional or good read.

Theme: Classic Novel 

Read November 2016:"...Ms. Morrison doesn't usually tickle my literary fancy, but I really enjoyed this story and it made for a great discussion." - Tawanda A., Twin Cities Chapter

Literary Selection - Dark Places
Literary Selection - Dark Places

Overall Club Rating: C

41% of readers felt Dark Places by Gillian Flynn was an exceptional or good read.

Theme: Movie Adaptation 

Read January 2016:"I love all three of the books by Gillian Flynn. They are just the kind of creepy, intriguing books I like to read!" - Aziza J., DC/DMV Chapter

Overall Club Rating: C

40.9% of poll participants rated Sadeqa Johnson's Love in A Carry-On Bag good or exceptional.

Theme: Chick Lit/Romance 

Read July 2016:"This was a fun read! The drama! Will they or won't they? So good..." - Capricia A., Sacramento Chapter


Overall Club Rating: C

Only 31% of poll participants felt The Returned by Jason Mott was good or exceptional.

Theme: Sci-fi/Fantasy 

Read March 2016:"Great concept for a novel, but there were too many unanswered questions and not enough action. The climax was underwhelming." - Nakia W., Oakland/East Bay Chapter

Overall Club Rating: C

A mere 23% of poll participants deemed The Hand that Feeds You by A.J. Rich a good or exceptional read.

Theme: Mystery/Thriller 

Read September 2016:"It ended too abruptly. I needed more answers." - Tanyashia W., Oakland Hills Chapter

Our 2016 Reading Season spans January-December this year, and does not include June or December, (our months for local chapter reads). Which one was your fav?