BookTini's Take on "I Almost Forgot About You"

"...the book was a little forced for me, but one thing that that stood out and that I appreciated in Georgia was her parenting style. She was an excellent mother who was mindful in pulling back her opinion and offered her girls her full support." - Rasheeda J.(OAKh)

"I ended up liking the book but [Georgia] got on my nerves with her wishywashiness, and I often wanted to slap her for her self-deprecating nature, but I guess there's a bit of that in all of us..." - Aziza J.(DC)


Recent Release

 selection by Terry McMillan received a somewhat positive reception in our recent reader's poll. 52%

felt it was a GOOD novel, while a close 28% said it was just AVERAGE . 10%

thought it was a WEAK read, while 7% clocked it in as FAIR. The remaining 3% thought it was an EXCEPTIONAL novel.[spacer height="20px"]

"I really enjoyed the book. The characters were engaging and the story was relatable." -Josephine A. (OAKh)
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"One of the best books we've read... totally relatable, especially for single women." - Brigette W.  (OAKeb)

Despite numerous complaints about the audio version of the novel being too dry ("

Someone should tell Ms. McMillan to never narrate her books..

." -

Kelley S.




I Almost Forgot About You 

received a B- grade from the club: most who responded to the poll felt it was engaging, relatable, and enjoyable, with good character development. They look forward to reading more by Terry McMillan in the future.[spacer height="20px"]

"Yummy! -Tabatha E.(BK)

 "Tart (I had to add some sugar) but refreshing...- Tiffany B. (uOAK)

Our summer signature drink selection for the month was Strawberry Lemonade Sangria. From our poll, 78% either LOVED or LIKED the drink, while 13% felt it was just AIGHT, and the remaining 9% didn't enjoy it.

"One of my favorite drinks of the year. YAAAAS! -Josephine A. (OAKh)