BookTini's Take on "Love In a Carry-On Bag"

"There were issues with the transitions, and a few characters disappeared like Judy from Family Matters, but overall a good story and easy read." -Rasheeda J. (OAKh)

"I enjoyed the book, it was an easy read.... but there were some things left unresolved at its end. Whatever happened to Blanche? Why did Warren lie about sleeping with her? (Yes withholding information is a lie) Especially, because you know Blanche is gonna tell.... (Smh) It all didn't flow entirely for me, but... I was entertained." - Tabatha E.(BK)


Chick Lit/Romance

 selection by Sadeqa Johnson received a very mixed reception in our recent  reader's poll. 39%

felt it was a GOOD novel, while a close 32% said it was just AVERAGE . 25%

deemed it a FAIR read, and the remaining 4% was split between EXCEPTIONAL and WEAK.[spacer height="20px"]

"I really enjoyed the book, it was a nice easy read. There were some situations that seemed very unrealistic... but I would read another book by this author." - Danielle C. (OAKeb)


Love In a Carry-On Bag

received a C+ grade from the club: most who responded to the poll felt it was an easy read, and the story was cool, but they weren't wowed by it. Most readers might be open to reading another novel by Johnson.[spacer height="20px"]

"We all wanted seconds! -Capricia A.(SAC)

 "I no longer drink tequila because it is the devil...- Ayanna M. (OAKeb)

Our summer signature drink selection for the month was the Mango Margarita. From our poll, 57% said they either loved or liked the drink, while 25% felt it was just AIGHT, and the remaining 18% didn't enjoy it.

"Ours turned out like a tequila smoothie. We added lemonade ice tea to thin it out and cut the bite. -Iguehi J. (OAKh)