BookTini's Take on "Perfect Peace"

"[Perfect Peace] provided a good conversation at the meeting because there were so many levels to examine, mental health, racism, sexism... the list goes on." - Dannette H. (BK)

perfect peace
perfect peace

"I think the book selection came at a perfect time where a lot of individuals are "accepting" that people come into this world differently." - Debonne N.(OAKeb)


Any Novel

 selection by Daniel Black received a welcome reception in our recent  reader's poll. 57%

rated it GOOD, and 28% deemed it an EXCEPTIONAL novel. 11%

said it was AVERAGE, while a combined 9% said it was FAIR or WEAK.[spacer height="20px"]

"I appreciated the conversation this book started. It really made us look at the narrow and damaging definition of masculinity." - Cindy C. (SAC)


Perfect Peace

received a B grade: most poll responders said the book was engaging, and led to layered discussions. Most readers look forward to reading more from Black.[spacer height="20px"]

pinot noir3
pinot noir3
"You can never go wrong with wine! -Tiffany B.(uOAK)

 "Selecting a wine instead of [a mixed cocktail] gave us the outlet to hold our monthly meeting at the annual Wine in the Woods event in Maryland...I honestly love wine." - Aziza J. (DC)

We're a club who enjoys wine and spirits, but our wine selections have been few and far between.  Though 21% felt our signature drink was just AIGHT, a combined 79% LOVED or LIKED our Pinot Noir and Malbec red wine selections. At the behest of many of our members, we'll definitely have to add wine to the signature drink list more often.

"I. LOVE. RED. WINE! -Ayanna M. (OAKeb)