BookTini-Brooklyn Spreads the Gift of Literacy with “Books Through Bars”

"We understand the power of books and wanted to help someone feel powerful in a powerless situation and environment."


To further BookTini's mission of spreading "the gift of literacy through charity", our Brooklyn chapter volunteered at the non-profit organization, NYC Books Through Bars. Based in Brooklyn, the organization accepts written letters from inmates requesting books to read for entertainment and educational purposes. The ladies in the Brooklyn chapter met up in April to assist them by opening and reading the letters sent from correctional facilities. They then found the books matching the requests in the correspondence, and prepared them for mailing back to the facilities.

By sending the requested books free of charge, this organization is helping take the place of many of the educational programs that have been cut in prisons. It also helps prisoners escape their dire circumstances through literature,  and increases their reading skills, resulting in more confidence and higher productivity once released back into society.

The Brooklyn chapter's goal was to help those who want books just as much as they do, but due to their circumstances, do not have access. "We sometimes take for granted the ability to access books when we want to," said Kalilah Moon, Brooklyn's co-leader and founder.

NYC Books to Bars is completely run by volunteers, and funded solely through donations. They accept requests from inmates from all over the country. For more info, check out their website at